40 Methods to Study the Bible

Andy Deane‘s search for Bible study methods was so fruitful that he compiled them in a book– Learn to Study the Bible: Forty Different Step-by-Step Methods To Help You Discover, Apply, and Enjoy God’s Word. Even the most mature students of Scripture are likely to find new approaches to Bible study. Notice the Bible study methods for younger students.

Product description:Learn To Study the Bible: Forty Different Step-by-Step Methods

Pastor Andy Deane’s new book teaches you forty different step-by-step Bible study methods to help you discover, apply and enjoy God’s Word. Each practical method has a handwritten example to demonstrate it and make it easy for you to follow the steps. Learn how to study the Bible with so much variety that you’ll never get into the rut that routine brings ever again. Learn to Study the Bible has more Bible study methods than any other book out there!

Here’s the list of 40 methods presented in Andy’s book. Handwritten examples for each method follow a clear, well-organized method description.

Basic Bible Study Methods (simple ways for everyone to study God’s Word

  • Daily bread
  • Timothy method
  • Rethink and restate
  • Alphabet method
  • One at a time
  • Six searches
  • Exhaustive questions
  • Five P’s method

Major Bible Study Methods: (time-tested approaches for those who want to go deeper)

  • Verse-by-verse charting
  • Chapter overview
  • Chapter details
  • Book overview
  • Book details
  • Bible characters
  • Biblical topics
  • Bible themes
  • Word studies

Creative Bible Study Methods (interesting methods that add variety to Bible study)

  • Translation comparison
  • Messy Bible
  • Modern issues
  • Thirty days
  • Vantage point
  • Skeptics method

Studying Specific Passages (diverse techniques for studying certain biblical topics)

  • Royal wisdom
  • Categorizing Proverbs
  • Meeting Jesus
  • Twenty Jesus questions
  • The commands of Jesus
  • Truly, truly
  • Study the biblical types
  • Study the prayers
  • Study the miracles
  • Study the parables
  • Study the Psalms

Study Methods for Younger Students (basic Bible study methods suitable for teenage students)

  • Heart monitor
  • Funnel it
  • Weather report
  • Climb the ladder
  • Cross thoughts

This could be a useful tool for Rockbridge Seminary students to recommend or use as part of a church wide discipleship strategy (as taught in the fully online course “The Theology and Practice of Discipleship“).

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  2. cwpblog says:

    Well, how about 41 methods! 🙂 Here’s a “Conversational Approach to the Bible” that talks about having coffee with Paul (or other biblical authors). This is actually an attempt to help Bible readers around the world to develop both an extremely personal, but an exceptionally responsible (and contextual), approach to reading the Bible. Worth a look.


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